Most people, this includes children as well as adults, should have their teeth cleaned at regular intervals. The interval can be anywhere between 3 months and once a year. Just so you're not likely to forget when to visit us; make appointments on or around you birthday and half-birthdays.

X-rays! No you don't need, and shouldn't have them at every hygiene visit. Your X-ray needs are based on the frequency you get cavities, the health of the bone that supports your teeth, and possibly your medical history (osteoporosis and diabetes would be examples of bone affecting medical problems).

ALL of our restorative dentistry is Esthetic Dentistry. That means no silver fillings, either for children or adults.

My initial dental training was as a Pediatric Dentist, "Children's Dentist". One of the best services I can provide for our children is Early Interceptive Orthodontics. Yes, it can be as early as 4 or 5 years old. These treatment protocols deal with tooth or bone misalignments caused by habit (i.e., thumb sucking) or genetics. The goal is to develop the dental arches so they can adequately prepare for the adult teeth BEFORE they grow into the mouth.